webring.wiki is a webring for people somehow involved with various wiki projects (including the Wikimedia projects).

Powered by go-webring. The configuration and validation log are available.


webring.wiki is open for personal sites of people somehow involved in any community wiki projects. Sites that include any hate speech or other bigotry will not be accepted. Also, sites that are just trying to sell something will not be accepted either.


To join, you need to include links to this page, as well as the "previous" and "next" links on your page. For example:

    <a href="https://webring.wiki/previous?host=example.com">←</a>
    <a href="https://webring.wiki/">webring.wiki</a>
    <a href="https://webring.wiki/next?host=example.com">→</a>

That would result in this:


Feel free to style those links however you want, it's fine as long as the links are there. Next, contact Taavi to get yourself added to the configuration file.

Current members

ID Site
chlod chlod.net
legoktm legoktm.com
lucas lucaswerkmeister.de
rail flufftech.net
revi revi.xyz
sammy theresnotime.co.uk
taavi taavi.wtf

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